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Getting Start with CoderDocs Facebook tools

First, you need to have your Facebook access token. Visit here to get your token immediately.

After that, you can use more tools in the left menu such as: Get token, Top friends, Filter friends, Email collection, Cookie tools, Security checker.

Note that, the Cookie tools and Security checker are not available currently!

Warning: Don't share your Facebook access token for anyone. Don't fill out the token to any unsecure website. See

About my website: web only use client-side languages. Therefore, your token will be not saved in my site absolutely.

Let us introduction about our tools in below.

get token -- you can get your Facebook access token easily with your Facebook username/email and password.

top friends -- we will analyze all your messages with friends, the list of 20 person that most contact with you will appear. See

filter friends -- this is a awesome tool for all you guys. You can see who interacted with you and not in the table. You can also see the number of comment and reaction of each friends. If you want to unfriend anyone, you can choose any person in the table by clicking, and click "Remove Now" button.

email collection -- you are a maketer and you make more Facebook ads, you need to collect all emails in the comment at your Facebook post. This tool is exactly for you. Enter access token, collect comment, and finally, collect email that you need. See

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